The Hidden Away Perspective
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Montag, den 11. April 2011 um 09:00 Uhr
2012 - Newsflash

Thoughts Taken from a Letter to a Friend


Dear Friend,

Generally I enjoy life and I am very happy to be living in this extraordinary time period.
What's happening in the world right now - it's so amazing!

Who would have thought a year ago of the domino effect regarding the fall of the totalitarian regimes in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya?

Who would have thought that in Germany - after Angela Merkel even prolonged the operation time for nuclear power plants - suddenly the German people is no longer willing to continue with the ostrich game and that finally the whole issue is now reconsidered in this drastic way?

Who would have thought that the Japanese people would venture to protest on the streets of Tokyo instead of continuing to do what they have been conditioned for - but what's loosing your face in contrast to loosing your loved ones, your health and your life?

I see, sense and feel CHANGE - what's happening outside is very much mirrored in what's happening inside me.

All the flooding, earthquakes and protest outside reflect all the old and now useless issues, fears, beliefs and patterns of behaviour in my life and my soul. A year lies behind me, during which I granted me the time to dive deep, throw out and transform - just the real, material stuff in the basement at home still waits to be completely sorted out ... :-) - but isn't it also a lesson worth learning to be patient with oneself without stopping to work on self discipline issues in a healthy way ?


P.S.: I just saw Josh Groban on German "Breakfast" TV, singing his song "Hidden Away" .....
I was sooo deeply touched - shivers running all over my skin!

Meanwhile I dedicate this song to my little nephew - Dieses Lied ist für Dich, Hans!

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