Behind the Scenes of 2012
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Dienstag, den 01. Mai 2012 um 11:54 Uhr
2012 - Newsflash

The Switch of the Magnetic Poles

Every day we receive news about flooding, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and environmental catastrophes due to a world out of balance and it is scientifically proven that the magnetic field of the earth is switching every 13000 years, meaning that the north pole and the south pole exchange their positions.

Over the last decades the magnetic field of the earth has become weaker and weaker, so the navigation instinct of whales and birds is failing and the auto-pilot-systems of airplanes have to be constantly updated before every flight.

In 1984 Drunvalo Melchizedek had written "The Flower of Life", a book in two volumes giving insight into the essential question "Where do we come from and where are we going to?".

His latest book "The Serpent of Light" describes Drunvalo's inner and outward journeys during the last two decades, when he was participating at multicultural rituals and ceremonies with the purpose of preparing the path to a new consciousness by healing the energy system of this planet we all live on - Mother Earth.


In this video interview by Lilou Mace Drunvalo gives an insight into the essence of what's behind the scenes of 2012.

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